Born Aldith Monique-Alexis Cleary on December 6, 1993, this singer, songwriter, and audio engineer is consistently growing within her craft and carving out a spot within the music and entertainment industries as the name LexC continues to gain recognition.

LexC was born in Fayetteville, North Carolina, but due to the military service of her parents she also claims ties to Delaware, Germany, Virginia, Texas, Jamaica, Hawai’i, Alaska, and Georgia.  LexC attributes her character and self-confidence to the army. “Because my parents are in the military, I got the opportunity to travel and see different states and countries, so I’m extremely fortunate to have been exposed to so many different people and cultures. When I was younger, I used to hate moving around and having to switch schools, but I look back and see that now I have friends and family all over the country. Having to move so much, I really had to learn how to adapt quickly and be more social and open-minded to change. I think that’s helped me a lot in regards to my music because the industry is ever changing, and it’s very important to have connections and relationships with a lot of people.” Also, growing up in a military home, LexC learned the importance of diligence, organization, time management, and leadership, qualities of which are made very obvious within her work ethic and dedication to music.

At the age of 3, LexC performed “Amazing Grace” at her grandparents’ church. She began writing songs at 8 years old and has since aspired to being a great artist. Not until seventh grade, however, did she realize her own potential when teammates of her volleyball team heard her singing in the locker room. “I knew I could sing, but I was very shy about letting people hear me. At that time, a Cherish album had come out, and I was singing the song ‘Chick Like Me.’ The high note before the second hook is what I sang. My teammates were like, ‘Alexis, we never knew you could sing like that,’ and from then on they would always ask me to sing on road trips to other schools. My coach found out I could sing, and she put me to work singing the national anthem for the home basketball games.” Throughout her grade school years, LexC continued to share her gift by way of talent shows, sports events, and her high school graduation.

Realizing that there is more to being a successful artist than merely holding a tune, LexC attended and graduated The Art Institute of Atlanta where she studied music theory, audio engineering, post-production, business law, entrepreneurship, etc., receiving a Bachelor’s in Audio Production in the summer of 2016.

At the age of 24, she already has credits with Ma$e, Columbus Short, J. Holiday, Ear Drummers, and a few others. Keeping an attitude of positivity and attractional success, there is no doubt that LexC is going to become a household name compared to the likes of Aaliyah, Beyoncé, Alicia Keys, and many others. She tauts an aura of humility and sincerity while simultaneously exuding an unapologetic confidence in her own abilities. With the chosen motto “be beautiful inside and out,” LexC will grace the industry with a level of genuine artistry that it desperately lies in wait for.