You have to hear the whole song... | MOTIVATION

Why is it that so many of us often become disillusioned with our dream at the first sight of trouble or difficulty? You know the reason we keep breaking promises to ourselves when it comes to what we say we wanna do? We always think things are gonna play out a certain way. We think we’ll always be happy and passionate and excited about our goals, but the truth is we won’t always feel like doing it. We won’t always feel like getting up to work.

Who wants to wake up at 6 in the morning when you didn’t get to bed until 3am? Or you make a list of things you wanna do for the week, and as long as you do this on Monday, finish that on Tuesday, and outline this on Wednesday you’ll feel accomplished? But the end of Monday comes, and you didn’t finish this thing so you put it off for the next day. Now you have two things to do on Tuesday, but the day is ending, and you haven’t finished either thing. Again, you hold off for the next day, and everything just keeps piling up. Next thing you know, you didn’t finish anything you said you’d finish and it feels like there’s so much to do but now you feel overwhelmed and you don’t feel like doing it and you start feeling bad about yourself because you couldn’t finish one week of goals so how can you expect to be great if you can’t even do these simple things?


Stop doing that to yourself! Reset! Start over. You wanna know how to stop beating yourself up? Recognize that you’re trying, and as long as you keep trying you’ll get better little by little. We keep breaking promises to ourselves because we’re not realistic about our own timelines, and we’re impatient with our progress. We keep thinking everything will happen almost instantly. It won’t, nothing worth having anyway.

The reason people keep saying, “To get what you’ve never had to you have to do what you’ve never done” is because sometimes you have to go against what your mind wants you to do. The same mind that dreamt up this crazy dream is the same mind that often gets in the way. You say you want something, but suddenly you don’t feel like doing what it takes to get it. Biologically we’ve been wired and trained that if something doesn’t easily come to us, essentially ensuring our immediate survival, put it down. Leave it alone. You gotta move onto something else. It’s hard…

It’s hard to keep at something each day. It’s hard to stay committed to doing something long after the mood you said it in has gone.

That’s why we break promises to ourselves…

We forget that we won’t always feel the way we wanna feel because what we feel is always changing.

So when you make a goal or you make a promise to yourself, you have to keep in mind that you’re not always gonna be excited about starting your day early. You’re not always gonna be happy to spend hours perfecting your craft. You’re not always gonna be ready to put other things lower on your list to make your goal the priority every time. But seriously, there’s gotta be something in you that realizes the amount of discipline it’s gonna take to stick to your guns and do what you said you wanna do.

And it’s not gonna happen overnight where all of a sudden you start working on your craft day in and day out. You’re not gonna start getting up at 5am every morning starting tomorrow. You hear these motivational speakers tell stories of how they got up at 3am every day to make the most of their day, and the way they talk about it makes it seem like they just turned on a switch and suddenly started doing it.

But that’s not realistic. I don’t think it is anyway. How many weeks did it take to get to the point of waking up at 3am every day? For something like that, you have to train your body and your mind to be ready and willing for it.

Maybe you won’t start getting up at 3am immediately. Maybe you’re still stuck getting up at noon. If that’s the case, make a goal of getting up at 11:30. Then you make it 11, then 10:30, then 10 until you get to a time where you feel like you can get more done in the day. If you’re not a morning person, figure out if you can learn to stay up late while still getting up at your usual time because you don’t wanna gain hours at night but lose it by staying asleep through most of the day.

It’s really about finding what works best for you. How can you be better at doing you and exposing the real you, the you, you wanna be? That’s what it’s about. You’re not in competition with anyone but yourself.

So stop breaking promises to yourself. Those broken promises are the worst, the ones you break for yourself. Man!

I guess I just want you to understand that you are human and not perfect, so you shouldn’t place unrealistic expectations on yourself. Starting out when you first start to break an old habit or try to reinforce a new one, be gentle with yourself.

If you said you were gonna workout 4 times this week but only did once, next week try to make sure you get 2 workouts, then the next week 3 and the next week 4. From there it’s all about maintaining. It’ll become a habit.

Just realize that it’s gonna take time. I read somewhere that it’s far better to do a little bit each day than it is to try to do it all in a few hours or a full week, bogging yourself down and locking yourself up until you get it. That’s actually not healthy, and you don’t’ learn anything by cramming.

So take it slow…

The only promise you should make to yourself is one that says, “I’m gonna keep striving. I’m gonna keep trying to get better. If something doesn’t go my way, I’m not gonna stop in the middle of it. I’m gonna push through it, power through it.”

It’s like playing an instrument. The first time you ever attempt a song, it’s terrible. It sounds nothing like you thought it would, and you keep hitting the wrong notes, it’s choppy…whatever. What would your teacher tell you? Make it through the whole thing. You’re just not used to it yet. Go home and practice. At first, you fight it. Your ego’s hurt, and you’re a little embarrassed honestly. But, then, you play it a second time, then a third, then a fourth, and each time you get less choppy, you’re more familiar, you get used to the next notes coming up. Suddenly you’re breezing through it.

Imagine if when you didn’t get it right the first time or stumbled over your first few notes, you stopped and tried to start all over again…You’d never know what the song’s supposed to sound like because you never stuck it through. It’s the same in life, and I’m gonna wrap this up.

When we first get introduced to something, it’s awful. We stumble, make a few wrong turns, hit a few bad notes, and progression seems slow and choppy. But the more we go back to it, practice it, and get comfortable with it, the smoother and smoother it gets. Now, we play it so well, we do it so well to the point where not we make it look easy, and no one would ever know how badly we struggled.

So I leave you with this. Keep playing. Get through the song. Get through the dance. Get through the assignment or whatever it is. If you don’t’ like how you did it the first time, do it a second time, and a third, and a fourth, however many times you want, but never quit halfway through. You have to hear the whole song to know how well you can play.

Keep thinking on that.

This is LexC.